The word “strategy” comes from the root words “stere” meaning to spread, and “ag” meaning to drive.

In the biological sense, “spreading” indicates success – when an organism is thriving, it wins over its environment and spreads over larger and larger territories. When it dies, it shrinks and disappears, the very opposite of spreading. To “drive” something indicates action, an act that one performs through willful and deliberate agency.

The gist of the word, strategy, is thus the act of deliberate success.

In times of disruptive change, like the one we are living through now, a good strategy becomes more important than ever. Success depends on our ability to assess our environment, envision the future, understand our strengths. articulate a vision, set a plan and forge ahead enabled by support systems – all facets of a good strategy.

In our forthcoming book, Strategy for Life (2024), we outline a step-by-step plan for building up your personal strategy.

“Isn’t strategy for companies, or sports teams, or countries in conflict?” I hear you ask. Well, not anymore. Check out these two articles to find out why you need to develop your own strategy for life.

  • Strategy in the modern age: We are the generation that lives in a world of possibilities, of constant change, riddled with opportunities and anxieties, choices and overwhelm. Modern age is beset with uncertainty, complexity and agency – a combination that demands a strategy.
  • What strategy is, and what it isn’t: “I already have a plan, a north star, a mission, a purpose…do I still need a strategy?” Yes, you do, and to understand why, you need to know what strategy is, and what it isn’t.

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