Reaching the full extent of one’s potential is a fundamental necessity and source of joy in human existence. Maslow called this self-actualization: a state in which a person has become everything that he/she is capable of becoming. Adapting this to the 21st century, where many of us are likely to live past a hundred years in a world of accelerating change, we like to think of reaching one’s zenith not as a destination, but as a continuous journey of iterative growth.

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There are many ways to grow and strive towards one’s full potential. We at MyZenith believe that reading is the most accessible and most cost-effective (and in our humble opinion, pleasurable) ways of continuous betterment. If you want to consistently and productively work towards your own personal peak, reading needs to be the core of your repertoire.

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  • Read your stress away: Reading is the best way to relax, and even six minutes can be enough to reduce stress levels by more than two-thirds.
  • Read with purpose: Anything done with clarity of purpose has a better chance of succeeding. Read with a clear goal in mind, and you will reap more out of it.
  • Read for empathy: Through reading, we begin to see other perspectives than our own and, at the same time, realize that we are not alone. We empathize.
  • Read to lead: Good leaders tend to be good readers too. Reading makes us smarter, more creative and compassionate and better at self-management.
  • Read to connect: Humans crave connection. Reading is an act of connection – to the author, to our inner selves and to others around us.
  • Read with perspective: Seek out many perspectives, consider them all to from your own view. When appropriate, be willing and able to change your mind.
  • Read to be ready: In a fast-changing world, read to be able to see what is coming, and then to make the right decisions in light of the future ahead.
  • Read to your heart’s desire: Reading is joy, solace and happiness. Read whatever it is that you desire. Read again that which had already captured your heart.
  • Read to learn, learn to read: “Read to learn” and “Learn to read” are continuous parallel processes, which we need to improve with age, knowledge and technological advances.
  • Read to grow: We read to grow individually and collectively. As we read and grow, we make small steps of personal elevation, each making us a better person than we were.

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